Bhaiya dooj ka shubh muhurat pics of bhai dooj

bhaiya dooj ka shubh muhurat pics of bhai dooj bhai dooj special rangoli bhai dooj hd images download bhai dooj ka shubh muhurat On November 9, the festival of sacred love of brother Sister is the festival of Bhaiya Duj. This is the last festival of the five-day Deepawali festival. On this day, sister praying for brother’s longevity. Brother also takes a vow to protect the sister. Like a sister god, your aunt’s aarti descends.

 Bhaiya dooj ka shubh muhurat pics of bhai dooj

The festival of Bhai Duj is celebrated on the second day of Kartik Mas. Brother duo is also called fraternal duality. If the sisters feed rice to the brothers on this day, then it increases the age of the brother. It is very important to have a meal at sister’s house on this day. Learn from Sujeet ji Maharaj, the auspicious time of Bhaiya Duj festival and worship method-

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Method of worship-
Sister makes a square from rice flour. On this, worshiping the brother and worshiping him. On the palm of his brother, he used to mix rice with water, betel nut, flower, etc. and roast water on his hand. Now the sister of her brother will descend and her kalwa bind her hands. Now sister will feed sweets to brother. If the brother is older then the sister will take blessings by touching her feet and if the brother is younger then the sister will take blessings.

Pics of bhai dooj Shubh Muhurt (Bhaiya Dooj Shubh Muhurt)

Sister burns wide lamps-
In the twilight hours, the sister keeps the widened dia in the name of Yamraaj and keeps it out of the house, whose face leads to the south direction. This is the philosophy behind the fact that the life of brother is protected. The whole development of brother is developed. The protection of brother is protected from the physical, divine and physical frustrations.

The lamp removes all kinds of tam by giving light. Thus, this festival is celebrated with great reverence. This festival of siblings is the epilogue of the festival of lamps.

Bhaiya dooj ka shubh muhurat pics of bhai dooj
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