How did barry chuckle died cause of death net worth

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How did barry chuckle died cause of death net worth

How did barry chuckle died ?

Cause of death barry chuckle is yet to be revealed His brother claimed. MR barry diagnosed with bone cancer And secret heart condition after a lifetime of heavy smoking kept it secret from his fans. Chuckle Brothers star Barry dies 73 aged

Barry chuckle – Real name Barry Elliott

ChuckleVision IN BBC Chuckle Brothers comedy show which ran 1987 to 2009 AND 21 series

He is said to have only told family about his terminal illness, keeping the news from fans and friends because he wanted to continue working for as long as he could.

Barry ChuckleThe Chuckle Brothers Barry Elliot and Paul Elliot [Getty]

His brother Brian reportedly told The Sun: “We’ve known for a while Barry was very ill.

“I drove up this week and saw him for two hours. We knew the end was very near. He was on morphine but we chatted.

“I gave him a kiss goodbye at the end. There were tears, of course.

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