How to earn money from youtube without adsense monetization

YouTube last one, two year popular video platforms you know why? some of users wanted how to make money on youtube without monetization how to earn money from youtube without adsense in hindi how to earn money from youtube with adsense how to earn money from youtube without uploading video how to earn money from youtube without being a partner youtube monetization alternatives how to earn money from youtube step by step how to earn money from youtube in hindi right now i am providing  top ways to earn youtube

1# Freedom! – YouTube Partnership Network

This MCN is the fast-growing YouTube Partnership network to make money helping you growing your business and associating you to connect with others creators and build your across multiple platforms to supercharge your YouTube channel. This network the full transparent network that permits revenue visibility for everyone. There is no need to sign a contract; you can leave this Ad Network anytime. The biggest advantage is that this network just ensures you that your original & unique content videos will be taken care of by taking down any COPIES on YouTube. This network helps you to prevent making copies of your videos. This MCN is the best Adsense alternative that pays you even if you’ve made $1.

Features & Channel Requirements

  • Requires 33 visits per day
  • Up to 95% Revenue Sharing
  • Suitable for all channels including; Gaming, Music, Vlog, Beauty, and so on
  • Min. Payout $1 via PayPal

2# Fullscreenmedia | Create & Make Money Vlogging Differently

Fullscreen is the premier global network that will help you to take your channel to the next level. They offer advanced tools to optimize all your videos for success and make more revenue for you. They have a huge community of creators that they will help to build up your audience and boost your income. The video uploader tool offers the quick way to publish videos to YouTube and Facebook in one go, moreover, by using tools you can design beautiful thumbnails and improve your SEO – this will boost your channel listing in Youtube search. You can backup all your original, uncompressed video files to their servers. A massive Music Library – here you can access 500,000+ completely free music and sound effects to make your videos glow.

Features & Channel Requirements

  • Required visits are not shared publicly but need extended video views.
  • 80-20 Revenue Sharing
  • Suitable for All Channels
  • Min. Payout 50 via PayPal
  • Original Content [No Copyright Strikes/illegal material].
  • Advanced Tools & Features

YouTube’s partnership program helps users to develop their video-making skills, increase their subscriber count and boost their revenues. However, if you’re not a YouTube partner, you are not exempt from the money-making. You can still monetize your videos by using a Google AdSense account, which is free. When your visitors click the ads displayed on your videos, the earnings are deposited in your AdSense account and paid to you after they reach a given threshold.


Go to YouTube’s website and click the “Sign In” button. Enter your Google account name and password and click “Sign In.”


Click your username and then click “Settings” from the drop-down menu that appears.


Click the “Monetization” link under the “Channel Settings” header and then click the “Enable Monetization” button. You can also familiarize yourself with the Guidelines and Information section of this page, which answers some of the frequently asked questions about monetizing videos.


Visit YouTube’s Monetization page (see link in Resources) and click “Next.” If your AdSense account is resisted to the same email as your YouTube account, click the option to link the two accounts. If your AdSense account is on a different email, click “Use an Existing AdSense Account” and enter the email address. If you don’t have an AdSense account, click “Create a New AdSense Account” and enter your details into the relevant text fields. Click “Next” when you’re finished.


Check your email every day and wait for an approval message from YouTube. When you receive it, return to your YouTube account page and go to the “Edit” screen of one of your videos. Click the “Monetization” tab, check the “Monetize With Ads” box and then click “Save Changes” to start making money.

How to earn money from youtube without adsense monetization
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