IS Donald trump getting impeached crash market news report

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IS Donald trump getting impeached crash market news report

US President Donald Trump has cautioned against the facts of impeachment against him that any such step would hurt the economy.

In an interview with ‘Fox and Friends’, Trump said that if this is done then the market will be crushed and “everyone will be very poor.”

Perhaps this is the first time that Trump has spoken openly about the possibility of impeachment.

Former Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen has admitted in the court that he violated the financial rules related to the election campaign.

Cohen has also said in the court that Trump had instructed him to do so.

However, journalists believe that there is little hope that Trump’s opponents brought impeachment against them before the mid-term elections in November.

Why are you talking about crushing trump market?

Trump said in his interview, “I do not know how can you bring an impeachment against a man who has done such a good thing, I am telling you that if ever I am brought against impeachment then the market will be crushed. It seems that everyone will become very poor after this. ”

Trump pointed at him and said, “Because without thinking this you will see such a decline in statistics which will not be cured.”

What did Trump say about those money?
Trump’s former attorney Cohen is talking about financial mess, but Trump is refusing these accusations. They say that these funds did not make any impact on election campaigns.

On Donald Trump, porn star Stormy Daniels and Play Boy Magazine’s former model Karan McDougall are accused of paying money.

Trump says that he gave that money to him, not with the money of the election campaign.

Last month, Cohen had released an audio tape in which Donald Trump Stormy or Karen were heard talking about ‘payment’ before anybody with the election.

Did these money affect the election?

The secret of this payment was not told to the US Election Commission. More importantly, the money was given to save Trump’s personal image or to save his image as a candidate for presidential status.

According to US Election Rules, the EC should be told about every such payment, which is meant to affect voters.

Now, if a lawsuit was filed in the case of Donald Trump on these money, then it will not be in the general court but through impeachment motion in Parliament.

That’s because he is the current president. In such a case, the investigators have to prove that they actually gave Cohen the money so that the election could be affected.

Former Trump Lawyer Cohen
Have the trumps turned away from their own point?
Trump spoke publicly for the first time in April, 2018 about the money given to porn star Stormy Daniels. He then denied that he had paid $ 100 million through Stormy to Cohen. When Trup asked reporters about this, he had clearly said, “I do not know.”

Now the same trump is saying that this transaction of money had no effect on the election campaign.

House of Representatives

Any member can bring an impeachment offer in the House. This can happen when the President is suspected of ‘bribe, sedition or any other serious crime.

If there is a 51% majority on impeachment in the House then the matter goes forward.


The trial will start, the hearing will be headed by Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The President can appoint an advocate in his defense.

In this way MPs play the role of Zurich. At the end of the trial, the results of parliamentarians’ votes will come out.

If two-thirds of the MPs vote against the President, the president will have to quit his post and the Vice President will have to take the post before the elections

IS Donald trump getting impeached crash market news report
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