Justin meek california shooting victims Ian David Long

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Scott Brown is being hailed as a hero after he helped apprehend a man who allegedly murdered his ex-girlfriend in public. David Lee Morris has been charged with first-degree murder for reportedly stabbing Gabrielle Garcia in the throat in front of their 5-year-old son. Morris then wandered into a nearby park, where Brown confronted him and prevented him from fleeing before authorities arrived.

justin meek california shooting victims

Armed bystander stops knife-wielding alleged killer
Julie Grace
The cop on the Segway😂😂


putto Don
49 minutes ago
I’m sorry for what I’m going to say but if he was black he would been dead already


ßlàçk Kîñg Sölø
57 minutes ago


Brooklyn Man
1 hour ago
I don’t understand what is the point from posting that video? It’s literally something normal to happen in the Bronx and Brooklyn and other New York hoods!


Jay El
59 minutes ago
This video is 2 minutes too long! Wth is the guy WITH A GUN backing up??????? I would have warned him, come any closer and you’re getting shot in the leg! – then boom! Ridiculous that it took pepper spray to help.


Matt AdRev
33 minutes ago
FYI it is a security guard on the Segway people….. lets examine a little closer

paris magonya
32 minutes ago (edited)
A Black man holding a knife after killing someone, us cops wouldn’t even think of a taser he would be dead in seconds this is the hard truth people…..

50 minutes ago
Well the Cop on the Segway wasn’t too effective.

Cyrus Wexler
42 minutes ago
Apprehended? He prevented him from fleeing? How so? If he wanted to he could have just ran the other way, or stabbed the nice elderly couple passing by. The real credit goes to the cops that finally took action and dropped him.

FreshFrendosYT 2
4 minutes ago
And we should ban guns they say

John Right
17 minutes ago
Crackers die

Justin meek california shooting victims Ian David Long
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