Narendra modi bday wish special why cut kurta untold story

Narendra Modi is the country’s most stylish and smart PM after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Late Rajiv Gandhi. On August 15 and 26, when the country is busy celebrating the festival of independence and Republic,

only one section of the country wants to see what the colors of PM’s saffron will be, what will be the side and color of kurtas this time. PM Modi’s fashion style icon for youth has become a kurta style statement.

Narendra modi bday wish special

The way the country gave the name of Nehru Bindi to Pandit Nehru's Sadri and the neck of the neck is also known as the Nehru Gala, similarly Modi is the PM who brought fashion of the kurtas in the country. But it is interesting to know that how the Modi Kurt finally came to existence and made a style statement, it is very simplicity in the origin of the story of cutting the side of the kurta.

When asked about Modi’s style of his stylish kurti, the Prime Minister said:

“Work in the RSS and BJP not only means frequent visits, but also uncertain and hostile programs. And I used to wash my clothes always, I thought it was more difficult to wash the kurta of the entire arm and took more time, then I decided to cut my kurta and make it half sleeve.


This way Modi kurta started!

With the passage of time, especially in recent years, Modi Kurt became famous all over the world. Apart from this, things like ‘Modi mask’, cups, T-shirts, badges and even chocolate were also seen from time to time, but none of these was as popular as Modi Kurta. The simplicity of Modi kurtas makes him special.

Narendra modi bday wish special why cut kurta untold story
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