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  • A collector who threatened to kill the young man
  • The government responded with video viral in social media
  • Government transferred the Collector Nikhil Nirmal

The West Bengal government has initiated action against Ali Tripura district collector Nikhil Nirmal who has been detained by the police on angry young man who allegedly made abusive comments on his wife in social media. Collector’s wife Nandini Kishan also stabbed her legs and raped the young man. Nikhil Nirmal was transferred as Managing Director of State Tribal Development Corporation.


Nikhil nirmal IAS wife name photo biography age


Vinod Kumar Sarkar is a friend of Nandini Kishan, a collector’s wife. Nandini alleged that she had made abusive remarks in the chanting on Saturday (January 5). Vinod was brought to the police station and attacked by his wife Nikhil. ‘Will you make abusive comments on my wife? You have no boldness. If you think you can kill yourself in just a few minutes, “he warned in the presence of police. Subsequently, Collector Nikhil and his wife Nandini accompanied the young man to death. Threatened to threaten.

‘We beat him, we will. Anyone else could kill such individuals. It is a matter of great controversy for the husband who told me that I should be protected. The report for this event has already been received by the state government and general secretary. On the other hand, Human Rights Committees are attacking the collector and his wife’s attack on the young man. In this order he was transferred.

The victim, however, said that he did not make any mistake. Vinod, the collector’s wife Nandini, said that she is Facebook friends. But he added that he was in a group of other groups, and everyone blamed her for doing so, saying that she was also angry at me.

Nikhil nirmal IAS wife name photo biography age
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