Notting hill carnival 2018 facts history lineup

Notting hill carnival Europe annual events street festivals 11,500+ police and 55,000 volunteers 2018 first events on 1966 in London, United Kingdom


Important information 2018 Notting hill carnival event

how much pay Notting hill carnival ?
Nope. Notting Hill Carnival is completely free, but for most after-parties and warm-ups at bars and clubs there’ll be a charge.

When is Notting Hill Carnival 2018 date and time
Sunday August 26th At 9.30am on both Monday August 27th. Judging finishes at 6.30pm

What happens on Monday?
Monday’s the Grand Finale, when more than 60 bands, 37 soundsystems and countless sequin-covered dancers on floats parade very slowly around W10. Check our route map for more information then hit up the surrounding streets, bars, pubs and clubs to continue the party.

Can I still party once Carnival is finished?
Absolutely! There are loads of great after parties on Sunday and Monday, plus warm-up parties on Saturday. Take a look at our list of Notting Hill Carnival warm-up and afterparties.

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Notting hill carnival 2018 facts history lineup
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