Rajasthan ratnakar diwali mela 2018 date

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Diwali Milan Festival of Rajasthan Ratnakar, the principal body of immigrant Rajasthanites, reached its peak on Sunday. The fair, which started on Saturday in the vast courtyard of Netaji Subhash Place near Pithampura Delhi Haat and TV Tower Metro Station in New Delhi, is on its fullest. So far, thousands of people have seen the fair.
Institution chairman Rajendra Gupta told that the bookie of Bhendi Bihari Ji, decorated in front of the entrance to the decorated venue in the Rajasthani environment, attracted everyone. He said that around 150 stalls have been decorated this year in this grand fair held for 43 years.

Rajasthan ratnakar diwali mela 2018

According to the institute Pratip Rattan Poddar, this fair has been equipped with carpet and elegant furnishings, totally dust-free and pollution free and the entire venue, according to the appeal of the Prime Minister’s Sanitation Campaign.

Institution Secretary Satish Gupta said that under the guidance of Pushpendra Goyal, during the Diwali meeting, hundreds of people sat in front of the grand main stage with a pleasing cultural program performed by Harivansh and fellow TV and film artists. For the first time, members of the organization’s Women’s Committee, along with the exotic Kate Walker, also participated in the fashion parade.

The chief organizer of the fair, RamAvtar Shah, Ashok Dalmiya and Pushpendra Goyal said that the fair is attracting visitors from Delhi and Rajasthan to the beautiful lavatories of art and culture, unmatched handicrafts, old Delhi and Rajasthani dishes, and the means of entertainment for children. . On Saturday night, many people of the fair venue, representatives of administration and police, representatives of NGOs, etc. observed.

Organizing members

OP Bagla, Ramesh Jena, RP Saraf, Ramesh Kanodia, Shankar Jaipuria, KC lath of the organizing committee including Ritish Mittal, Alok Jhunjhunwala, Pravin Jalan, Laveesh Mohan Singla, Surendra Kumar Goyal and Ajay Agarwal along with the organization. , Sumit Gupta, Sushil Gupta, Convenor Devendra Agarwal, BR Garg, Narendra Gupta Netaji, Vinod Tulsyan, Co-Convenor Sanjeev Garg, K.B. Haralalka, Satish R Stogy, Mahendra Verma, Sunil Gupta, Amit Goyal, former Principal Shyam Sunder Gupta, Rajkumar Tulsyan, Subhash Shorevala, Suresh Poddar etc. greeted the visitors with other colleagues.

Rajasthan ratnakar diwali mela 2018 date
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