Sutak Surya Grahan solar eclipse 11 august 2018 in india meaning

partial Solar Eclipse time and date in india on 11 august 2018 details meaning – Solar eclipse is the fifth and last solar eclipse of this year. The first solar eclipse of this year is going to fall on February 15, the second on July 13, and now on the third August 11. This year, totals of 5 eclipses were formed, including three solar eclipse and 2 lunar eclipse. The first lunar eclipse of the year was on January 31 and the second lunar eclipse was on 27 July. Let’s know what precautions should be taken during the solar eclipse.

Sutak Surya Grahan solar eclipse 11 august 2018 in india meaning

The third and the last solar eclipse of the year is also on this day and on this day Shanashishti Amavasya also has a new moon. Though this eclipse will not be seen in India, but the effect of those people who have eclipse in the horoscope will look special.

Saturn Maharaj is the son of Lord Sun, so this Amavasya has been given great importance in the scriptures. Shani is the god of justice. Saturn always gives good results to his devotees when doing good deeds and he even teaches them what works wrong. So what effect will this eclipse have on your zodiac, let’s know …

According to Indian time, the solar eclipse will begin at 1:30 pm on the afternoon of 11 August and the eclipse will end on 5 o’clock in the evening. Sutak period of solar eclipse takes 12 hours, in such a case, a drying period will start from 1.30 pm.

Before bedtime, put the basil leaves in the things made of food. Do not forget to put basil in milk too. Basil leaves do not allow food to be contaminated by harmful waves that emerge at the time of eclipse.

Nowadays drinking water is kept in homes. In such a way mixing basil leaves and some drops of Ganga water in the drinking water cleanser. This will not contaminate it.

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solar eclipse of the year, see how the effect will be on your zodiac

In such a case, on 11th August, our day will start only in the Yatak period, many activities in Sanatan religion are forbidden during the Yatak Period. There should not be food during this time.

After the eclipse ends, sprinkle ganga water by putting a broom in the entire house. Sprinkle the Lord’s Temple with water and sprinkle it with incense and incense it.

However, due to lack of solar eclipse in India, you do not have to worry about eclipse euphemisms. Since this day is also Saturn Amavasya with solar eclipse, it will be auspicious to do charity and worship.

Sutak Surya Grahan solar eclipse 11 august 2018 in india meaning
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