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30 people injured in Turkish flight 001- Howfn.com - HowFN.com

30 people injured in Turkish flight 001- Howfn.com

Turkish flight 001
30 people injured in flight Turkish flight 001 9 march

Turkish Flight 001 News

Hello, You will be very happy to know everyone. Turkish Flight 001 has been taken out at New York JFK Airport without any mishap, This plane was safely landed at 5:35 pm, We have to say very sadly, while reaching NYC from Istanbul, Turkish Flight 001 faced 30 wounded, There were 329 passenger riders in this flight. In which 21 crew members are being told,

Number of injured 30 in the ship

This vessel had to carry an emergency landing at John F Kennedy International Airport. January 9, 2019 Turkish Flight 001 Running from Istanbul to New York. Due
to the weather disruption, for the emergency landing,

the passengers were informed about the flight, which caused a rush in the passenger, During the conversation with the airport team, they said that 1 woman was injured in the plane,

Turkish flight 001 emergency landing

Because of some technical issues, pilot was asked to make an emergency landing on the john F. Kennedy International Airport.
It is being told that there was smoke in the flight before landing the plane and 1 woman was injured, After 45 minutes, John F. Kinnedy Airport got the approval for emergency landing and got the landing track vacant, The plane was safely taken off

Safety Landing Turkish flight 001 on NYC AIRPORT

Federal Aviation Administration and the Emergency Management team On the spot was present on airport, For this, all the passengers were safely evacuated from the plane, and the passengers who were injured
were treated in the Bahal’s Internal Hospital, Those who were 20 and 10 passenger were transported to a nearby hospital,

Why, during the ABC news report, 20 Passengers suffered minor injuries, But 10 passengers were seriously injured, so they were sent to the nearby hospital and they were treated on the siege,,

All the passengers on the Turkish flight 001 are now out of danger, and their treatment is underway, We thank our air force team and pilot, who show their strength in difficult times, save lives of people

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