USA Embassy in Beijing detonated china

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breaking One person detonates an explosive device in a public area on the southeast side of the U.S. embassy compound in Beijing. Only the suspect injured, condition unknown. Chinese police investigating. Videos of smoke near the embassy widely circulated on Chinese social media

USA Embassy in Beijing Bomb detonated china

Police in Beijing say report of “explosion” outside U.S. Embassy was actually a man in his 20s lighting a firework; man injured his hand and was taken to the hospital.

 U.S. Embassy china

Some of the eyewitnesses posted on social media showed a huge smoke outside the US Embassy.

The official Chinese media, the Global Times, said the police detained a woman near the US Embassy. She poured gasoline on herself and was suspected of trying to self-immolate.

At present, the Chinese police and the US Embassy did not comment on the explosion.

On the afternoon of Thursday (July 26), someone was detonating a bomb near the gate of the US Embassy in Beijing. The explosion was heard several blocks away, and the scene was filled with smoke. Cause panic and confusion.

The British “Mirror” reported that at about 1 pm, a man wanted to throw a homemade bomb into the US embassy in Beijing, but the bomb had not been thrown into the wall and exploded, and the smoke was far away. A US official said that the man was the only injured person.

Security personnel, including the military and police, rushed to the scene for processing, and the embassy is now closed to the surrounding passages.

Officials from China and the United States have not officially commented on the matter.

Below is an instant update (US Eastern Time).


Stephen McDonnell, a BBC correspondent in Beijing, said the Beijing police did not allow them to shoot.

He tweeted: “It seems that it has returned to normal here, and people are waiting in line for a visa again. This may indicate that the situation is not that serious.”


The Mirror reported that an embassy spokesperson told CNN that one person detonated the explosive device and was the only injured person.

A Chinese official media reported that witnesses heard the explosion and felt shocked.

The film on the Internet shows that a person on the ground next to a white car seems to be lying on the ground with a blue and blue blanket.

Explosion outside US embassy in beijing

11:09 – 26 Jul 2018
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The explosion site is located in the embassy district, and many embassies are located nearby. The nearby Indian embassy ambassador told Indian television station Republic TV that he heard a “low explosion” outside the US embassy.


The current report is quite confusing, and the media reported that a woman was going to self-immolate but was stopped by the police.

People post pictures and videos from the site to Weibo and Twitter.

USA Embassy in Beijing detonated china
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Updated: July 26, 2018 — 7:54 am

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