Youtube Music Streaming Service Launches priced

Today news for Youtube Music Streaming Service a Google’s instant messaging app eco-system where you have to remember the finer aspects of multiple apps including Android Messages Allo, Duo, Hangouts and Spaces, to name a few. But that, it seems, is not all from the house of Google.

Youtube Music Streaming Service Launches priced
Youtube Music Streaming Service Launches priced

Apparently, someone has been in the company’s ear telling them that their present music and video streaming subscription services are a bit cluttered too. And the solution it seems, as it was with the messaging apps portfolio, is to add on even more stuff into the mix. Bear with us, while we try to illustrate the wry mess. Google’s video streaming platform is jumping into the music space with personalized playlists, a new, dedicated app and desktop player, and song downloads.

22 MAY 2018 Youtube Music Streaming Service Launches 

Surely you are familiar with YouTube and Google Play Music. The former is a very popular video streaming platform, while the latter is a music streaming app that competes with the likes of Apple Music and Spotify. There is a subscription fee for Google Play Music, which is $9.99 for a single account and $14.99 for sharing the subscription with up to 6 accounts. Then there is an app, and has been around since 2015, called YouTube Music—it is free and add-supported and includes content such as music videos and concerts and is available in some countries. If you want to remove the adverts

you pay for a subscription service known as YouTube Red—you pay $9.99 for this, and in the process get an ad-free YouTube Music, ad-free YouTube, some YouTube originals, YouTube Kids as well as the bundled Google Play Music subscription YouTube Red is available in (it is not in India yet, for instance), it made perfect sense to subscribe.

The solution, as it turns out, are two new subscription packages.

“On Tuesday, 22 May, we’ll begin rolling out YouTube Music, a new music streaming service made for music on top of the magic of YouTube,” says Google in an official statement. This new YouTube Music, to be honest, sounds just like the old YouTube Music app that is already there. Apparently it is different though, and Google says that the new YouTube Music app will have “official songs, albums, thousands of playlists and artist radio plus YouTube’s tremendous catalogue of remixes, live performances, covers and music videos that you can’t find anywhere else.” The YouTube Music app will be launching in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and South Korea, and will subsequently be available in Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.

Youtube Music Streaming Service cost at $9.99 per month.

This does indicate that Google may want to merge the Play Music app completely with YouTube Music, and says as much, “Google Play Music subscribers in all other countries will automatically have access to YouTube Music Premium as soon as it becomes available there. And if you use Google Play Music, nothing will change—you’ll still be able to access all of your purchased music, uploads and playlists in Google Play Music just like always.” However, not all countries are on the list of YouTube Music app’s path just yet, and it’ll be quite a while before Play Music can finally be shuttered.

That is not all. Google is also asking YouTube Red to step aside, and the new apple of everyone’s eye will be a new service called YouTube Premium. Well actually, two services. This services provide music access or user want to remove the annoying ads youtube care about music user need to sign-up

YouTube Music Premium service

it is chargeable at $9.99 per month

including ads free YouTube site

whats is YouTube Premium subscription it mean pay $11.99 dollar per month.

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What we will end up with in the foreseeable future at least are Google Play Music and YouTube Music available in parallel, offering the same set of content. In the midst of all this, we now have a new app, that is just like the old app, but is still new. And two subscription packages that are bound to confuse even the most ardent YouTube user. This is essentially, the summary of the long and complicated journey of what comprises Google’s video and music streaming services.

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Youtube Music Streaming Service Launches priced
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