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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Whats with the nah he tweakin comments meaning WHAT DOES INSTAGRAM’S VIRAL

Tweakin comments Meaning For all the people wondering why everyone is saying “nah he tweakin” on insta: a thread Yeah we tweakin, but only a little bit. We’re aware that some people are having issues loading their comments (we're fixing that) and that some are seeing a bunch of comments saying "nah he tweakin" (what is that?). 


According to Urban Dictionary “Tweakin” is described as the act of not making sense of anything or saying something stupid. 

 While everybody is wondering why exactly Lil Nas X said that, here’s what we can tell from his comment. 
Whats with the nah he tweakin comments meaning

 The rapper took to Twitter only a day ago to express his frustration over his “Satan” Nike shoes’ backlash because they contained his blood. 

On the other hand, Tony was allowed to release skateboards with his own blood and was barely criticised. However, it appears as if the rapper isn’t convinced that Tony’s skateboards in fact have blood infused in them, 

which explains his response to the Instagram post saying “nah he tweakin” While Lil Nas X has dismissed the latest controversy as something that doesn’t make sense to him, Tony is yet to respond. 

  Whats with the nah he tweakin comments 

 The rapper, who called out “double standards” pointing at Tony Hawk’s skateboard painted with blood, has yet again 

created a lot of buzz with his comment “nah he tweaking”. If you’re wondering what that phrase means, we’ve got you covered.

nah he tweakin reddit

There must be more of a glitch or something involved though. 

What's the reason that no other comments besides that phrase are visible, and that when you try to view some other posts that have many comments, none show up?

Originated on a @Rap Instagram post about Tony Hawks blood infused skateboards. 

Got excelled by Lil Nas X making a tweet about it. It’s just internet hivemind doing its thing. Might be some bot providers 

who are unleashing their wrath for the cause, but these are mainly real accounts who are just memeing. It’s been a while since something like this happened, kind of fun to watch.

 FAQ: instagram nah he tweaking

What does Nah He tweaking mean on Instagram?

He's tweaking the image for Instagram.
If you've ever left a comment on Instagram, you've undoubtedly gone directly to Google and typed in "Nah he tweakin meaning" or something similar. The term, which is presently trending on Instagram, essentially means someone who is "tripping."

What is up with the Nah He tweaking comments?

What exactly is he tinkering with on Instagram? Lil' Nas X initially used the word in a comment on a post about Tony Hawk's blood-splattered skateboards. It then went viral on Instagram after becoming part of an Instagram bug in which all comments were replaced by the statement.

Why do Instagram comments say nah he Tweakin?

Why are so many people saying "nay he tweakin"? According to WPST, it has to do with shoes, blood, and skateboards. While the shoes sold out, Lil Nas X received a lot of flak for the product, with some people angry over the blood and the inverted cross pattern of the sneaker.

What is the Nah He tweaking meme?

"Nah, he tweakin" is slang for "he's insane." It all started when Lil Nas X used the phrase to refer to Tony Hawk, a well-known skateboarder. Since Lil Was's reply, this three-word statement has been plastered all over Instagram.