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Monday, October 11, 2021

Plane crash in california neighborhood | plane crash los angeles today

plane crashes in california video ups plane crash small plane crash california We're following the aftermath of a plane crash in a southern California neighborhood where heavy showers have persisted across the region for the last few days .

Plane crash in california neighborhood 

We're working on finding out more details. Five people are dead and two are injured after a small plane crash in a suburban neighborhood of California. 
According to a spokesperson with the San Diego Sheriff’s Office, the Cessna plane also reportedly hit a UPS truck.

The local battalion chief confirmed two people were injured and there were "multiple confirmed fatalities." The chief said he knows of at least two confirmed deaths but said there could be more.

The chief added a cause is still unknown but he believes any injuries to people on board the plane were non-survivable.

Two people received burn injuries, said Fire Chief John Garlow. He didn't know their conditions or whether they were in the plane or on the ground

Plane crash in california neighborhood

ne home was "well involved" by flames, and a second home also caught fire, Garlow said. A box truck, possibly a package delivery vehicle, also burned, he said.

According to city officials, the crash happened at the corner of Jeremy Street and Greencastle Street, located near Santana High School. The school tweeted that students are safe. RELATED: Plane crashes into Italian building; 8 passengers killed "All Students are Secure. There was a plane crash 2 or 3 blocks away. We are currently in a ‘Secure Campus,’" the school tweeted.
There are at least two burn victims who are believed to be from the home, Garlow said.

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