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Thursday, October 21, 2021

How to start a trademark 2021 process company

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Step 1 – Type your made up Name into the internet window  “” . If nothing comes up good  – otherwise start again with a new name.

How to start a trademark 2021

How to start a trademark process

Step 2 – Then type “” . If nothing comes up good -otherwise start all over again with a new name.  

Step 3 – Type “madeupname” into google search and see what comes up. Make sure no major corporation you recognize is using it as a product name. The fight is not worth it. 

Note – Don’t type your new found name in too many times – I am sure there are internet spies watching for a critical number of name requests only to jump in and register it ASAP in the hope of an on-sell.
Looks like you have the internet domain protection – now we need to check Australia.

Step 4 – Log on to the following site name search Australia and type in your name – Note: make sure you select the “All Names” button. You are checking for two things here 

  1. a company/association name that bears your name i.e. madeupname Pty Limited
  2. a business name that has been registered by someone i.e. yourmadeupname Brisbane”. You can still register your “yourmadeupname” if none of these businesses has made a trademark application – but it is not worth the risks or the fight. 
  3. Just go back and find a free-from-encumbrances name.

Step 5 – You have got to this point knowing it is very unlikely that anyone has registered “madeupname” as a trademarks. But we have to check. 

Log on to Trademark search Australia “enter” as a guest and type in ‘yourmadeupname”. Look closely at what comes up. 

There may be something similar already registered, but before you lose heart – check out what class the trademark is for. There are 45 classes, meaning you could still get your name registered in a different class to the existing similar trademark. (i.e. they are in car parts and you in food) A very good chance you would still get the registration.

Step 6 – One final step before you register it is to just see what the word may mean in another language (i.e type “yourmadeupname meaning” into a google search) and make sure it is not going to be offensive to a section of the Australian public.

Step 7 – Design and print your logo and take it down to IP Australia Level 1, Grant Thornton House 102 Adelaide St Brisbane QLD 4000. Talk to the staff. Pay the $150 for a single class. (two/three classes if you think it warranted)

Step 8 – Log onto the internet and secure the domain names “” and “”. Maybe $30 for each.

Step 9 – Sit back and wait to be contacted by the Trademarks office. It may take 1-2 years but you will have protection from date of lodgment.