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How to check upi mandate collect request phonepe Google Pay paytm

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Open Your phonepe app or if you use Google Pay App then click on the Top right on your Settings Option Now bottom of the Screen it will show the Mandates Option

here you check all Mandate Details like Start Date, End Date, Mandate Amount, Frequency, Notes/Description, Payee UPI ID, Payment Method, Unique Mandate Number and Purpose Code and also at te bottom you can see View Invoice Option. 

  UPI Mandate for IPO paytm

When you submitted the Bid for an IPO in your Demat account provider using Paytm UPI Id you(98855@paytm) you will automatically receive a Pop-Up notification mandate approval message on your Paytm app like below.

Paytm: Company has requested to put Rs 14,980 on hold. Click to approve/decline.

If you didn’t receive this notification see below where to find the UPI Auto Mandate Approval in Paytm Payments Bank App.

1. First log in to Paytm App

2. Now click on Paytm Bank Icon and Login

3. On Top right click on your profile icon (See below image)

Searc Paytm Mandate for IPO 

4. Now look for UPI Linked Accounts and open it

5. Now come down and see UPI Automatic Payments option

6. Here you can see the list of UPI Automatic Payments on Paytm.

UPI Mandate in Paytm Automatic Payments for IPO

7. Click to accept and verify it.

Note: Generally it takes upto 24 hours to receive a notification.

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