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Jake paul vs tyron woodley full fight video

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Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley results: Live stream updates, full fight coverage

After beating Ben Screen in his final attempt, social media player Jack Paul looks set to score a 2-0 goal against dominant MMA fighter in "Tonight" (Sunday, August 29, 2021) as he enters the match. Former UFC lightweight champion Tyrone Woodley at the main pay-per-view (PPV) event.

Tonight, will offer live broadcasts of PPV Mastercards. $ 59.99 FITE / PPV showtime starts at 20.00. ET (see here) with Paul and Woodley maybe tonight.

The card will also show one of the most well-known traders, Amanda Serrano, wearing a lightweight belt on a chain with super lightweight champion Yamilet Studio. Additional boxing events include a super easy crossover match between Montana Leo Avenue and veterans Ivan de Best, Branson, Daniel Duboi's last heavyweight bout against Joey Cosmano, and Paul Tommy Fury's opponent, Belter Vetero Antonio. The battle in the middle.

jake paul vs tyron woodley highlights

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley — Paul def. Woodley by split decision (77-75, 75-77, 78-74)

Amanda Serrano vs. Yamileth Mercado — Serrano def. Mercado by unanimous decision (97-93, 98-92, 99-91)

Daniel Dubois vs. Juiseppe Cusumano — Dubois def. Cusumano by TKO at 2:10 of Round One

Ivan Baranchyk vs. Montana Love — Love def. Baranchyk by RTD at 3:00 of Round Seven

Tommy Fury vs. Anthony Taylor — Fury def. Taylor by unanimous decision (40-36 x3)

Paul Vs. Woodley Round-By-Round Updates:

Round 1: Woodley in the lowest position, moving slowly. Stretch your body. The floor is pulled directly to the center. 1-1-2 By Paul. Halfway there. The common ground for this. Woodley still refuses to go, but ends up with a short combination. With few rights under Woodley. Woodley lost 1-1-2. 10-9 Pali.

Round 2: Woodley drops his head up. Paul needed a moment to come back. Pocket Woodley Rentals. Paul on the body. A car today. Woodley did not try to secure his right hand. Woodley's floor checked that the combination could not clean the ground. He has not done enough in recent years to feel like the story of his career. 10-9, 20-18 Pali.

Round 3: Woodley looks a little more active, but does not vomit. A collection of pillars. Good hooks and sticks. Woodley tried together but could not score a half. Paul rides Woodley without jumping. Hit the cheat twice by Paul. Woodley walks against the doorbell. 10-9, 30-27 Paul.

Round four: Woodley is now trying to throw a little. The left kick seemed to land on him. Paul tried his right hand with one hand. Under the right hand. Woodley came down and used fewer combinations. A car today. Clinic. Suddenly, Woodley grabbed a good right hand that almost fell on Paul's rope. Woodley followed. Cut the hard fish and the left hook. The floor falls with his right hand, causing a collision. Paul just rang the bell. 10-9 Woodley, 39-37 .

Fifth Round: A good shortcut and a left interception for Woodley at the start. Swimming pool 1-2 under the floor. He goes to Klein. Woodley continues. Paul looks a little smelly and passes Woodley. Paul lost 1-2 and ate his left thumb. Woodley called to him. Paul must have been tired, but he jumped fast. The right cross is worn. Woodley Revenge, Clinch. Paul tried slowly and these hours changed. 10-9 Woodley, 48-47 Paul.

Round 6: Woodley goes to the clinch. Cover it on the ground, then on the body. Paul answers the following. Woodley tries to claim from the right. The combination by Paul scored eight goals. Woodley's right hand, Paul's left thumb. 2-1 by Paul. Short to the right by Woodley. Paul tried to turn around to win with a score 1-2, which led to an attack. Another link. Woodley tries to jump slowly. 10-9, 58-56 Paul.

Round 7: First Shift, Clinch. Woodley lost 1-2. The left corner appears. In the corner, Paul stood up. Woodley clenched his right hand. A car today. Sparrow by Paul. Fill up and down and hit the next ball. Woodley crocheted left on the floor above. 2-1 by Paul. Shot in the body, clutch. Paul and Woodley have a good relationship. 10-9, 68-65 Paul.

Round 8: 1-2 by Woodley. Drive properly. Both destinations are at the top. Paul tries for a very long time 1-2. Clinic. Woodley's partner, Powell, scored half the goal. They buy near the rope. Impurity of wood, capture. Crossing with Woodley. Long companion 9-10 Woolley, 77-75.

jake paul vs tyron woodley full fight reddit

The Final result: Paul def. Woodley by split decision.

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