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Peloton treadmill death video child how did die

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We had an incident at one of our fire stations a few years ago where a large yoga ball was suck up under the treadmill (without a kickplate). It launch the firefighter across the room.

Peloton treadmill death video child

Treadmills are used for millions of miles of running without incident, but they all are potentially dangerous. The Peleton treadmill has the back of the tread higher up and more exposed than most models. 

There is no protection for a small pet or toddler from being pulled under and suffering severe friction burns or worse. Most others have a frame around the belt to prevent such incidents. 

For an adult, losing balance or having a medical incident while on a treadmill can cause serious injury or death. Even with emergency cut off, the belt takes a few seconds to stop, meanwhile it takes the person's feet out from under them, causing a more severe fall.

Boss John Foley called it "tragic accident" - one of a "small handful" of incidents in which children have been hurt on the firm's exercise equipment. He did not disclose further details about what happened.

In a separate incident, a 3-year-old suffered head injuries after getting trapped under a Peloton treadmill, but will make a full recovery.

The latest incident report into that accident, disclosed on Wednesday, said the child "was found to have tread marks on his back matching the slats of the treadmill".

Mr Foley, Peloton's founder, said children should stay away from the firm's machines, which have surged in popularity during the pandemic.

"We design and build all of our products with safety in mind. But in order to help ensure that you and your family members stay safe with Peloton products in your home, we need your help," he wrote in the letter to customers.

"Keep children and pets away from Peloton exercise equipment at all times. Before you begin a workout, double check to make sure that the space around your Peloton exercise equipment is clear."

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission said it was investigating the incident.

Peloton sells cycling machines and treadmills that can be connected online to virtual fitness classes. Its business has boomed as people look for alternative ways to exercise during lockdowns and gym closures.

The firm has said the skyrocketing demand has created supply chain pressures, leading to backlogs in orders for the machines. 

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