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Gabby petito mom dad press conference live video Joseph

Do You Know gabby petitos dad instagram gabby petitos mother contact twitter gabby petito mom and dad who is gabby petito mother  - The parents of Gabby Petito will hold a press conference in New York Tuesday afternoon, their first time speaking publicly since the funeral for their daughter took place on Sunday. 

 The conference comes nine days after Petito's body was found and amid a continued manhunt for fiancĂ© Brian Laundrie, who was named as a person of interest in the investigation of her homicide. 

 It was not immediately clear what Petito's parents, Joseph Petito and Nicole Schmidt, would address at the conference. The press conference is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. ET.

 Joseph Petito live press conference video today

users reaction - "Gabby's family does not want Gabby's life to dim and they want to make some good from this awful tragedy. that's why they are starting the Gabby Petito Foundation" - Richard Stafford, Family Attorney #GabbyPetito 

Gabby petito mom dad press conference

oe Petito Thanks Media for Aid in Bringing Gabby Home Joe Petito, Gabby Petito's father, thanked the news media and social media for their aid in "bringing our daughter home" during the news conference Tuesday.

Speaking of the press, he said that "they don't get enough credit for what it is that they do." He also said that engagement with his daughter's case on social media "has been amazing."

"So, I'd just like to thank everyone for that. It is greatly appreciated. That was very helpful in bringing our daughter home," he said.

13:25 PM EDT Family Displays Matching Tattoos in Honor of Gabby Gabby Petito's family unveiled new matching tattoos they'd gotten in her honor during the Tuesday press conference in New York.

The tattoos bear the inscription "Let It Be" in script, and are located on the inner part of the family's arms.

13:16 PM EDT Brian Laundrie's Parents Did Not Help Find Gabby, Won't Help Locate Son, Lawyer Says Richard Stafford, a lawyer for the Petito family, said during a news conference Tuesday that the family of Brian Laundrie did not aid efforts to locate Gabby Petito and asserted that they would also not help law enforcement locate their son.

He said that the family was seeking justice for Gabby Petito's homicide, and asked Laundrie to turn himself in.

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 Every time I see an update on the search for Gabby Petito’s killer, I can’t help but be reminded of Luis Grateron, who killed my friend and 2 others last year while driving drunk at 147 mph. He managed to leave the U.S. and is still on the run to this day.

Private enterprise is almost always more efficient than government. This is starting to look like a prime example of just such a thing.
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Why didn't the Campground caretakers call the FBI? You have to register every person staying. I'm sure caretakers heard about this story. 

Maybe the caretakers are not on social media. Maybe it wasn’t on local news Woman shrugging
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I honestly am at a loss for the way the police and fbi have acted through this investigation. It is mind blowing
The Progressive Conservative 

I was less than optimistic Dog could have any luck helping. But if he found this lead and the FBI never looked into where the Laundrie's had been camping? Holy crap. Total incompetence.
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