Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Harvey elliott injury video twitter update

Jurgen Klopp provides up on Harvey Elliott's injury - are you search harvey elliott injury video twitter harvey elliott injury update harvey elliott NEWS FOR Some good news for Liverpool youngster Harvey Elliott who had successful surgery on his left ankle fracture-dislocation. As his physio process begins, I explained five key positives that may bode well on his road to recovery.

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Harvey elliott injury video twitter

Sad seeing young players injured... has led to decline of many young players.. Hudson odoi,Even Rushford to Some extent,RLC, Don't know how Fati will beLoudly crying faceDisappointed but relieved face Peter @p____m____b ·

Klopp is known for being long winded so when his talks are brief, it's because of something this serious. Last time I saw him so deflated was after the passing of his mum. My thoughts are with Harvey

Hope the FA are going to look at Klopp on the field of play trying to influence the referee, also him shouting abuse at Leeds fans behind the dugout.

Geoff let him off the hook big time here, was ready to talk about the ref and the way they are letting fouls go and that this sort of thing was coming but let him move on
Lee Davies

Hopefully Harvey Elliott makes a speedy recovery. Liverpool win that match regardless of the red but Klopp shouldnt be on the pitch chatting to the ref. Ref was never sending him off, he didnt even give a freekick. Klopp and VAR helped him make that decision

Can't stand Liverpool, their fans or Klopp.  But fair play to him here - that's genuine emotion.  Everyone hopes Harvey Elliott is back again as soon as possible.
Haji Aziz

This is not the time to argue if it’s a red card offence. Let’s all pray Folded hands Palms up together  for  a speedy recovery to young Harvey Elliott he’s a  generational talent and JK almost broke down emotionally during that interview when asked YNWA
David DeWinter

Once the dust has settled, emotions done, people if judging without tribal nonsense, should see an outstanding performance. Played Leeds off the park despite the home atmosphere. So many players back from injury and the quality is clear to see again.

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