Sunday, November 21, 2021

Released 2 of 17 Kidnapped Missionaries haiti updates REDDIT

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Haitians opened the door to Arabs and gave them refuge many of them Palestinians. So how did these people pay them back? By stealing 80% of their wealth & working assiduously with foreign powers like the US to enslave them. Never trust Arabs. Remove them all from Somalia. #Haiti
2 people among a group of 17 US and Canadian missionaries kidnapped by an armed gang in Haiti last month have been released, aid officials say.

Christian Aid Ministries said on Sunday that the two individuals were "safe, in good spirits, and being cared for".

"We cannot provide or confirm the names of those released," the ministry said, giving no further details.

The abduction of the missionaries and their family members, including children, was reported on 16 October.

They were returning from a visit to an orphanage when the bus they were travelling in was seized by gang members on a main road in the town of Ganthier, east of the capital, Port-au-Prince.

All of those abducted at the time - five men, seven women and five children - are US citizens, except one who is a Canadian national
Two of the 17 U.S. and Canadian missionaries kidnapped in Haiti last month have been released, the missionary group said on Sunday 

 U.S. missionaries kidnapped Haiti latest pictures 17 updates 

In the news today: Haiti

Country in the Caribbean

2 kidnapped missionaries have been released in Haiti, US aid group says

2 people from kidnapped missionary group freed in Haiti, U.S. organization says

 U.S. missionaries kidnapped Haiti who are they

【国際】オハイオ州に本拠を置くクリスチャンエイド宣教師、先月ハイチでストリートギャングに誘拐された17人の外国人宣教師のうち2人が釈放されたと。 Two missionaries kidnapped in Haiti have been released, U.S. aid group says Nou bouke! (We're Tired!). High school students in #Haiti's capital took the streets on Friday to demand a better environment / better infrastructure to learn. They want a system that invests in their development, not in death squads and gangs.

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