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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Brian laundrie Autopsy report reddit 2021 | photo video live brian laundrie gunshot story

brian laundrie autopsy report reddit - Brian Laundrie died by suicide from a gunshot wound to the head, an attorney for the Laundrie family told CNN on Tuesday. Brian Laundrie died of a gunshot wound to the head and the manner of death is suicide, according to Laundrie family attorney Steven Bertolino.

Brian laundrie Autopsy report reddit 2021 

They killed him plain and simple .. think about it .. how did #BrianLaundrie just die near a path inside the reserve. Without a weapon, or rope.

On Sunday, Steven Bertolino spoke to People about how both investigators and the Laundrie family are processing Brian's passing.

First, the autopsy came back inconclusive.

While these are likely preliminary results, it does mean that there is no obvious cause of death -- as there was for Gabby Petito's murder.

Gabby Petito, Brian Laundrie
"No manner or cause of death was determined," the attorney hired by the Laundries reported.

"And the remains," he added, "were sent to an anthropologist for further evaluation."

A forensic anthropologist is a specialist in remains too old or otherwise degraded for a conventional autopsy to bear fruit.

Brian Laundrie Bodycam Footage
Eventually, investigators will be done with Brian's remains and will likely turn them over to the Laundrie family.

Bertolino shared that the "remains will be cremated."

"And," the attorney added, "there will be no funeral service."

Laundrie and Petito
The lack of a funeral service may be, in part, a practical concern -- out of fear of controversy, protesters, and photographers.

It is also possible that there will be a private memorial in some form that is not made public.

After all, Bertolino is speaking as the family's representative, not as an officer of the court, here. He doesn't have to disclose anything.

Brian Laundrie on YouTube
But the lack of a conclusive cause of death, the circumstances of the remains being found, and the lack of funeral point to one thing.

It sounds like Brian's remains were in very poor shape.

You don't have to be identified by dental records, generally, if your face or hands are still there.

How did brian laundrie die 2021

Brian Laundrie
Between the controversy and the state of the body, a funeral would be awkward.

Closed casket funerals exist, but someone as infamous as Brian would attract attention even in death.

A cemetary plot is expensive, and could become the worst kind of tourist attraction.

Brian Laundrie Instagram Photo
Cremation is a logical conclusion when it comes to partial human remains of an infamous amn.

Technically, the 23-year-old fugitive was only wanted for using Gabby Petito's bank card after her murder.

However, it was expencted that he would face numerous other, more serious charges upon his capture.

Brian Laundrie Snapshot
Before Brian's remains were discovered in Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park, he had not been seen in over a month.

He was reported missing by his family on September 15, less than a week before Gabby's own remains were found.

Unlike Brian's examination, the autopsy of Gabby Petito quickly determined that she died by homicide, and concluded that the manner of death was strangulation.

Brian Laundrie Pic
Late last week, Bertolino shared that Brian Laundrie was visibly distressed when his family last saw him.

"Yes, Brian was upset when he left," the attorney illustrated.

"And," Bertolini shared, "he was not able to be persuaded not to leave the house."

Brian Laundrie Photo
There are many who suspect that Brian may have taken his own life, either immediately or shortly after going into hiding.

Others wonder if he died of natural causes, as Brian would have faced numerous hazards -- from disease to hunger to alligators.

Conspiracy theorists have also suggested that he was given assitance but that someone helping him later murdered him. Hopefully, the anthropologist can provide answers.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Gabby petito autopsy results photo video live

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Dr. Baden discussing possible results of Gabby Petito's autopsy. I think she may have been dead 24 days by the time she was found on 09/19/21. Her white van was photographed accidentally by the Travel Blogger on August 27, 2021.

Gabby petito autopsy results news updates today

Gabby petito autopsy results


According to a separate warrant filed in a Sarasota County, FL Court, Gabby Petito's mother received a "odd text" on August 27th - a message which is described as "the last communication anyone had with" Gabby.

Petito's mother, Nichole Schmidt, said the last video chat she had with her daughter was August 24 or 25, though they exchanged text messages for a few days following. She said she is unsure if it was her daughter actually sent those text messages. 
Florida police obtained the warrant to search a hard drive found in the white van that Petito and Brian Laundrie used at the time of her disappearance. 
This warrant, filed by the North Port Police Department, is not associated to the activity at the Laundrie family's home. 
The detective wrote that Petito's mother "received an 'odd text' from Gabby. The text message read 'Can you help Stan, I just keep getting his voicemails and missed calls.

' The reference to 'Stan,' was regarding her grandfather, but per the mother, she never calls him 'Stan.' The mother was concerned that something was wrong with her daughter." 
Her family said that final message was "not normal behavior" for Petito and became more worried about her, according to police. 
My heart is absolutely breaking for the Petito family. I pray that autopsy results can reveal what happened and that Brian is found and justice is served accordingly. Gabby did not deserve this. 

Multiple law enforcement agencies will resume their search for Brian Laundrie in the Carlton Reserve today. We are also expecting the autopsy results from the remains believed to be Gabby Petito to be released from Wyoming today, which will answer a lot of crucial questions.

Today social media trends #justiceforgabby

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the gabby petito case is disturbing and has made me sick to my stomach. please educate yourselves on narcissistic, gaslighting, manipulative abusive relationships. it could help save an innocent life. #JusticeForGabby

said -I didn't know Gabby. 
Most of us didn't know Gabby. 
But we all know a Gabby, a woman who is in an abusive and manipulative relationship and needs help. 

We have to be better for the Gabby's in our lives. We have to do better. 

She deserved so. much. better. 

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Sep 20
Brian Laundrie could have ended his relationship Gabby Petito if he no longer wanted to be with her. He could have walked away without harming her. Instead the monster decided to rob her of her life and disappear like a coward. Pure evil. Rest In Peace Gabby.

Something also very suspicious about the van.. Where'd those marks come from on the side? Looks like he's scraped past a ditch/terrain possibly? This monster needs finding now before he can hurt anyone else.  #findbrianlaundrie