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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

How to turn off FN key lock laptop windos 10

Many users asking how to turn off fn key in hp laptop 2021 , how to disable fn key in hp laptop, how to disable fn key on hp laptop windows 10, how to unlock fn key, how to activate fn key

How to turn off Fn lock on Windows 10?

Press Fn + Esc to enable Fn Lock and disable the hotkey functionality.

How do I turn on Fn lock?

Press fn and the left shift key at the same time to enable fn (function) mode. When the fn key light is on, you must press the fn key and a function key to activate the default action.

How to turn off Fn lock on HP?

You can disable this feature by pressing and holding the fn key and the left shift key. The fn lock light will turn on. After you have disabled the action key feature, you can still perform each function by pressing the fn key in combination with the appropriate action key.
how to turn off fn lock

How do I use F keys without FN?

What does Fn Lock do?

The FnLk, F–Lock key is a toggle key on a PC compatible keyboard used to enable or disable the F1 through F12 keys’ secondary functions (hotkeys). Pressing the F–Lock key again toggles off (disables) the F1-F12 key standard functions, and turns on the ability to use the secondary functions on those keys.

What do you do if you don’t have a Fn key?

You don’t require a Fn key on a desktop keyboard unless the keyboard has additional options. This is only available on very few keyboards that may have some multimedia functions like Volume Control or stuff like that included with the standard F1 to F12 keys (like Dell KB216).

What is Fn key on keyboard?

Simply put, the Fn key used with the F keys across the top of the keyboard, provides short cuts to performing actions, such as controlling the brightness of the screen, turning Bluetooth on/off, turning WI-Fi on/off.

Why does my keyboard not have an Fn key?

You don’t need an FN key on a standard keyboard, that’s why there isn’t one. Multimedia keyboards will more than likely have a function lock instead of a function key.
Laptops have smaller keyboards, and thus many buttons have multiple functions. That’s why there’s an FN key.

How do you check if Fn key is working?

Method 1: Checking If the Function Keys are Locked

We recommend looking for an F Lock or F Mode key on your keyboard. If there is one, try pressing it, then check if the Fn keys are now working.

Where is the Fn key on a keyboard?

The Fn key is located in the bottom row of a keyboard, generally next to the Ctrl key.

How do I adjust volume without pressing Fn?

Method 1.

All you have to do is look on your keyboard and search for any key with a padlock symbol on it. Once you’ve located this key, press the Fn key and the Fn Lock key at the same time. Now, you’ll be able to use your Fn keys without having to press the Fn key to perform functions.

Where is Fn key on HP keyboard?

Locate the Function (Fnkey on your keyboard. The most likely location for this key is at the left bottom side next to the Ctrl key. The letters “Fn” will probably be shaded a different color than the rest of the keyboard, a common color being blue.

Where is the Fn key on a 60 keyboard?

As well as ditching the number pad, 60keyboards also lack a F key row at the top and the navigational cluster on the right — you just get the alphanumeric zone. These missing functions are accessible via a Function (Fnkey, usually near the bottom right side of the keyboard.

How do you hit the F keys on a 60 key keyboard?

Simply hold down the FN key and hit the number of the function key you want. Quickly closing your desktop windows would then be Alt+FN+4.

How do I turn off Fn lock on Lenovo?

Press Fn + Esc to enable Fn Lock and disable the hotkey functionality.

Why is keyboard 60%?

Many 60keyboards use high-end mechanical switches beneath the keys for a top typing and gaming experience. Investing in a 60keyboard can save you a lot of space on your desk, it can improve your game thanks to high-end switches, and it can make moving around a lot easier thanks to its lightweight, compact design.

Is a 60 percent keyboard worth it?

It’s totally worth it. You can access all the key that a full size keyboard has through function key. They are pretty, save up space and if you are a touch typist, it’s even better because all keys are close to your home keys that makes typing experience less tiring.

Is a 60 keyboard better for gaming?

For this purpose, the 60keyboard is simply ideal. It features all the required keys that you can use during an FPS game. Meanwhile, you still get improved mobility of your mouse due to the increased desk space. On the other hand, if you are a League of Legends player, then this might not be the ideal choice for you.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

How to watch t20 world cup 2021 in usa uk or canada free vpn

How to watch t20 world cup 2021 in usa The official broadcasters for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 in Canada are the same as the USA. The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 is about to begin and cricket fans all around the planet are really excited As a cricket fan, you wouldn’t want to miss the exciting matches of Cricket at any cost. No matter where you live. That’s why ICC has planned to broadcast the event live to every corner of the world

IND vs PAK, ENG vs NZ AND AUS vs SA are only some of the encounters that the official schedule involves. By looking at the itinerary, any cricket fan would guess that the event is going to be worth a watch.

How to watch t20 world cup 2021 in usa uk or canada

we’d recommend you to switch to ESPN+ now. If you were a Hotstar subscriber for the Sports content, If you are new to it and want a little guidance, it is available below check:

How to watch T20 World Cup 2021 in the UK

Sky Sports will show every T20 World Cup 2021 game. Sky has its own dedicated cricket channel, Sky Sports Cricket, where you can watch all the action. The Sky Go app also gives you a chance to stream the games live while on the movie. If you don’t have Sky then a Now TV Sky Sports Monthly Pass looks a good option.

How to watch T20 World Cup 2021 in the US

  • Visit the ESPN Plus website and subscribe to a suitable ESPN+ plan.
  • Now install and launch the ESPN app on your TV, PC, Mobile, or any other device (Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc).
  • Next, click on the “Settings” icon present in the upper right corner.
  • Choose “Account Information” and then select “Log in to ESPN Account.”
  • You will then receive an ‘Activation Code.’
  • Now visit in a browser and enter the code.
  • Next, log in using your ESPN+ account details.
  • After that, you’ll be able to see the ESPN+ tab in the ESPN tab.
total of T20 world cup 16 teams participating teams are as follows:
  1. Australia
  2. England
  3. India
  4. Pakistan
  5. South Africa
  6. New Zealand
  7. West Indies
  8. Afghanistan
  9. Sri Lanka
  10. Bangladesh
  11. Netherlands
  12. Papua New Guinea
  13. Ireland
  14. Namibia
  15. Scotland
  16. Oman
These teams will participate in 3 rounds (Qualifiers, Super 12, and Finals) to be crowned as the T20 Champions of the World. The T20 World Cup will start on 17th October 2021 and the Final match will be played on the 14th of November.

For almost a month, Cricket fans will have treats of matches featuring thrilling and nail-biting contests. The first high-voltage match is going to be between India and Pakistan which will kick off the Super 12 round on 24th October 2021.

Along with that, there are so many exciting matches waiting to take place in the luxurious stadiums of UAE & Oman. No true Cricket fan would want to miss any of them.

Free watch T20 World Cup 2021 live apps online anywhere in the world

There is a handy way to watch your favorite TV shows from wherever you are in the world, and it's called a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN lets you get around the usual digital barriers by changing your IP address, meaning you can watch your favorite TV shows even if you’re away from home.

Our favorite is ExpressVPN, which lets you change your IP address on whichever device you want to watch your new favorite TV show on.

From laptops to Smart TVs, Amazon Fire Sticks, games consoles and even mobile phones, you can change the address to make your device think it is in a different location to enable you to watch the things you love around the world.

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs out there. Not only because it is straightforward and easy to use, but it also has great security and, best of all, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Express VPN

ExpressVPN is one of the easiest and affordable ways to watch what you want from anywhere you want to watch it. Plus it'll help keep your network traffic away from any prying eyes on public networks.

And it's a great way to watch T20 World Cup 2021 via your usual method from anywhere in the world.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

How to start a trademark 2021 process company

Today Post Releted how to start a business, apply for a trademark many users ask how to start a trademark practice how to start a trademark in south africa how to start a clothing line trademark how do you start a trademark how to start your own trademark how can you start a trademark how to own a trademark how to establish a trademark how to start the trademark process

Step 1 – Type your made up Name into the internet window  “” . If nothing comes up good  – otherwise start again with a new name.

How to start a trademark 2021

How to start a trademark process

Step 2 – Then type “” . If nothing comes up good -otherwise start all over again with a new name.  

Step 3 – Type “madeupname” into google search and see what comes up. Make sure no major corporation you recognize is using it as a product name. The fight is not worth it. 

Note – Don’t type your new found name in too many times – I am sure there are internet spies watching for a critical number of name requests only to jump in and register it ASAP in the hope of an on-sell.
Looks like you have the internet domain protection – now we need to check Australia.

Step 4 – Log on to the following site name search Australia and type in your name – Note: make sure you select the “All Names” button. You are checking for two things here 

  1. a company/association name that bears your name i.e. madeupname Pty Limited
  2. a business name that has been registered by someone i.e. yourmadeupname Brisbane”. You can still register your “yourmadeupname” if none of these businesses has made a trademark application – but it is not worth the risks or the fight. 
  3. Just go back and find a free-from-encumbrances name.

Step 5 – You have got to this point knowing it is very unlikely that anyone has registered “madeupname” as a trademarks. But we have to check. 

Log on to Trademark search Australia “enter” as a guest and type in ‘yourmadeupname”. Look closely at what comes up. 

There may be something similar already registered, but before you lose heart – check out what class the trademark is for. There are 45 classes, meaning you could still get your name registered in a different class to the existing similar trademark. (i.e. they are in car parts and you in food) A very good chance you would still get the registration.

Step 6 – One final step before you register it is to just see what the word may mean in another language (i.e type “yourmadeupname meaning” into a google search) and make sure it is not going to be offensive to a section of the Australian public.

Step 7 – Design and print your logo and take it down to IP Australia Level 1, Grant Thornton House 102 Adelaide St Brisbane QLD 4000. Talk to the staff. Pay the $150 for a single class. (two/three classes if you think it warranted)

Step 8 – Log onto the internet and secure the domain names “” and “”. Maybe $30 for each.

Step 9 – Sit back and wait to be contacted by the Trademarks office. It may take 1-2 years but you will have protection from date of lodgment.

Friday, September 3, 2021

Heidi klum flashes agt video tiktok married to

Many users Find on internet who is heidi klum married to heidi klum tiktok video heidi klum flashing heidi klum wardrobe malfunction Heidi Klum flashed a smile as she sat alongside Adam Lambert 
Flower power! Heidi Klum dazzles as she flashes bra in sheer shirt and sophisticated floral print suit Heidi Klum, 44, and Mel B, 42, celebrated International Women’s Day with a dressing room dance party. 

The two women, who were preparing for Thursday night’s America’s Got Talent taping, shared…

Heidi klum flashes agt video

Heidi also shared a pictured of her make-up look close up on social media, writing: ‘Another day another look …..but first ….lets pout girls.’ 
Heidi klum flashes agt video tiktok married to

Her make-up artist wore a mask amid the coronavirus pandemic as Heidi posed in an off-shoulder number before changing into her dress. 

The media personality missed out on hosting her headline-making annual Halloween party this year, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

But Heidi showcased an even more impressive production on social media all the same. 

The catwalk queen took to her Instagram account to share five-and-a-half minute film Heidi Does Halloween, featuring her children as zombies.

Of course, with the Making The Cut star being known for her full-on commitment to Halloween costumes, she is seen donning a series of clever disguises in a bid to outrun her offspring – while also poking fun at herself.

Wow! Earlier in the week, the catwalk queen took to her Instagram account to share five-and-a-half minute film Heidi Does Halloween, featuring her children as zombies

Wow! Earlier in the week, the catwalk queen took to her Instagram account to share five-and-a-half minute film Heidi Does Halloween, featuring her children as zombies

Friday, July 30, 2021

How to watch uswnt vs netherlands Olympics online LIVE Stream FREE

How to watch uswnt vs netherlands Olympics online LIVE Stream FREE

how to watch usa vs netherlands 2021 Tokyo Olympics two finalists from the 2019 Women's World Cup final meet in the quarterfinals going head-to-head in Yokohama on Friday U.S. women's national team and Netherlands The U.S. has struggled by its own standards in this competition, though, failing to top its group for the first time since the first women's soccer Olympic tournament in 1996. The Netherlands, meanwhile, scored a group-stage-record 21 goals, including an Olympic-record eight by Vivianne Miedema, to roll through the opening stage.

How to watch uswnt vs netherlands TODAY

Time: 7 a.m. ET TV Channel: NBCSN, Telemundo Live Stream: You can stream the match on fuboTV. Sign up now for a free seven-day trial

 The U.S. won the last World Cup title at the Dutch's expense, with Megan Rapinoe and Rose Lavelle scoring in an eight-minute span as part of a 2–0 win in Lyon that secured the U.S.'s fourth title. The two sides met again in November 2020, with the U.S. winning by that same score on goals by Lavelle and Kristie Mewis.


 Netherlands XI: van Veenendaal; Janssen, Nouwen, van der Gragt, Wilms; Groenen, van de Donk, Roord; Martens, van de Sanden, Miedema. 

  USWNT XI: Naeher; O’Hara, Dahlkemper, Sauerbrunn, Dunn; Ertz, Horan, Mewis; Williams, Lloyd, Heath. 

  Using a VPN to watch uswnt vs netherlands Olympics online LIVE Stream 

 1. Install the VPN of your choice. As we've said, ExpressVPN is our favorite. 

 2. Choose the location you wish to connect to in the VPN app. For instance if you're in the U.S. and want to view a U.K. service, you'd select U.K. from the list. 

 3. Sit back and enjoy the action. Head to your website or streaming service of choice and tune in. 

How to watch Team USA vs Netherlands live streams in Canada 

TSN1 , TSN3 live coverage, their Olympics blocks are airing from midnight to 10am. TLN may have the game on tape-delay, airing at 4 p.m. today — but they haven't said which game is in that block.

  • Again, Americans visiting their friends in the great white north could just use Peacock, provided they log in via a VPN such as ExpressVPN.
  • CBC and Sportsnet will all have Olympic coverage when the game airs, but none of them are breaking down what's happening in those blocks. 

Monday, July 26, 2021

How many centenarians in the u.s. 2021

How many centenarians in India How many centenarians in the world 2020 How many centenarians are there in the United States in 2020 Above 100 years of age in India 

Only 17 million living Americans had reached their 65th birthday. About a third of older Americans lived in poverty and there were few programs to meet their needs. Interest in older Americans and their concerns was growing. 

how many centenarians in the u.s. 2021

  • U.S. has the highest absolute number of centenarians in the world with 97,000 living in the country. 
  • Japan comes second with 79,000 Japanese who are 100 years or older, according to World Atlas.
  •  Japan is also where the world’s oldest person lives. 
  • Kane Tanaka from the Fukuoka prefecture is 117 years old, making her a so-called supercentenarian, which is a person living to or beyond the age of 110.
how many centenarians in the u.s. 2021

A meeting in April 1963 between President John F. Kennedy and members of the National Council of Senior Citizens led to designating May as ‘Senior Citizens Month,’ the prelude to ‘Older Americans Month.

how many centenarians in the u.s. 

Historically, Older Americans Month has been a time to acknowledge the contributions of past and current older persons to our country, in particular those who defended our country.

 Every President since Kennedy has issued a formal proclamation during or before the month of May asking that the entire nation pay tribute in some way to older persons in their communities. Older Americans Month is celebrated across the country through ceremonies, events, fairs, and other such activities.”

Sunday, July 18, 2021

How to check upi mandate collect request phonepe Google Pay paytm

How to check upi mandate collect request phonepe Google Pay paytm

how to check upi mandate collect request in phonepe - you have que how to approve upi request in phonepe how to approve upi request in google pay please check for upi-mandate collect request for blocking of funds.- nseil how to approve upi mandate in google pay google pay upi mandate not received upi mandate not showing in google pay where to find ipo mandate in phonepe one-time mandate not showing in google pay 

Open Your phonepe app or if you use Google Pay App then click on the Top right on your Settings Option Now bottom of the Screen it will show the Mandates Option

here you check all Mandate Details like Start Date, End Date, Mandate Amount, Frequency, Notes/Description, Payee UPI ID, Payment Method, Unique Mandate Number and Purpose Code and also at te bottom you can see View Invoice Option. 

  UPI Mandate for IPO paytm

When you submitted the Bid for an IPO in your Demat account provider using Paytm UPI Id you(98855@paytm) you will automatically receive a Pop-Up notification mandate approval message on your Paytm app like below.

Paytm: Company has requested to put Rs 14,980 on hold. Click to approve/decline.

If you didn’t receive this notification see below where to find the UPI Auto Mandate Approval in Paytm Payments Bank App.

1. First log in to Paytm App

2. Now click on Paytm Bank Icon and Login

3. On Top right click on your profile icon (See below image)

Searc Paytm Mandate for IPO 

4. Now look for UPI Linked Accounts and open it

5. Now come down and see UPI Automatic Payments option

6. Here you can see the list of UPI Automatic Payments on Paytm.

UPI Mandate in Paytm Automatic Payments for IPO

7. Click to accept and verify it.

Note: Generally it takes upto 24 hours to receive a notification.