Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Midwestemma joystick video twitter instagram reddit

midwestemma joystick video twitter - CowGirl Emma Video joystick clip goes viral on social meadia because user Etherlvz shared a post. who is Emma. reddit and youtube or twitter. account 90K followers on her Tiktok also after viral increase followers
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Midwestemma joystick video 

Midwestemma joystick video twitter
Midwestemma joystick video twitter

Emma Claire @midwestemma · Sep 11 So many people messaging me “where is the free excavator video”. Baby, ain’t nothing free here lol you must be lost or new.

I never said it was easy. It is just the easiest platform. All platforms take work. But the algorithm on TikTok is designed for users to go viral. No other platform allows you the chance to be seen by millions within a few short hours.

Emma said Sep 5 I had a family reunion last night and my only goal was to get drunk so fast so nobody would as me, “what are you up to in life” Skull

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