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Monday, December 13, 2021

India's Harnaaz Sandhu wins 2021 Miss Universe pageant in Israel

Lets talk about harnaaz sandhu harnaaz sandhu miss universe.harnaaz sandhu religion.harnaaz sandhu miss universe photo.

Indias Harnaaz Sandhu has crowned Miss Universe on Sunday 70th after a pageant full of beads, sequins and swimwear that was also touched by the pandemic and politics.

harnaaz sandhu miss universe

harnaaz sandhu

Sandhu, an actress studying for a master's degree in public administration, received the crown of jewels from last year's winner Andrea Meza of Mexico as she wiped her tears on stage.

Sandhu said she was "overwhelmed because it's been 21 years since India won the Miss Universe crown and it's happening right now."

The contest was held in the middle of the night in Eilat, Israel, so it could be adapted for prime time in the US.


Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu was born on March 3, 2000 in Chandigarh, India, into a Punjabi Sikh family. 

She attended Shivalik School in Chandigarh and then went on to higher education at Government College Girls Chandigarh. Harnaaz is currently pursuing her Masters in Public Administration.

Harnaaz has always been passionate about modeling and made her first breakthrough when she was crowned Miss Chandigarh in 2017. 

She subsequently attended Miss Max Emerging Star India in 2018 held at Infinity Mall in Malad, Mumbai. Its finale featured famous celebrities such as Dabbo Ratnani, Terence Lewis. In 2021,

 Harnaaz entered the Miss Universe India 2021 beauty pageant and was the winner of the pageant. As a result, she had the opportunity to represent the Indian in Miss Universe 2021.

Spider man across the spider verse PART 1 one | Trailer release date cast

In this article, we will see spider man across the spider verse 2 spider man across the spider verse 2022 spider man across the spider verse release date spiderman across the spider verse spider man across the spider verse part one spider-man across the spider-verse 2 across the spider verse across the spider-verse 2022 across the spider-verse spider-man across the spider verse trailer.

spiderman across the spider verse 2022

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse isn't planned for another 10 months, but in a surprise trailer early Sunday, Marvel and Sony Pictures showed our first look at the Oscar-winning sequel

Spider-Man: In Fresh. Spider. Officially Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part 1) - which I know is fun - because the Into the Spider-Verse sequence is split into two parts.

First look at Spider-Man: In the Spider-Man world, Miles Morales / Spider-Man (voiced by Shamik Moore) and his metaphysical love bring Gwen Stacy / Spider-Man (Haley Steinfeld) together before moving into other dimensions, including what is, move. Definitely India for a while

spider man across the spider verse release date 

Theatrical Release Date:October 7th, 2022

Original Language:English

Production Companies:Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation, Marvel Entertainment, Lord Miller Productions, Sony Pictures, Pascal Pictures, Arad Productions

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse on the Web: click here

spider-man across the spider verse trailer

Watch the spider verse trailer

spider-man across the spider verse trailer

Sony Pictures India
has also announced that Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse will be showing in Indian cinemas in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.
When the trailer for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part 1) opens, Miles listens to Sunflower - Post Malone & Sue Lee's hit song Into the Spider-Verse in his bedroom.
He has no evidence of a multidimensional portal above his head that made Gwen stare at the house. After Gwen finally got his attention by shouting his name, Miles tries to clear up his act and asks about his safety.

"Oh, that's a long story, is that the room I grew up in?" Says Gwen. Miles tries to manipulate Gwen by hiding things that aren't very "ripe" before she has a chance to write her drawings in a book. He thinks he's fine, but his face changes when he spots one of them.

spider-man across the spider-verse 2 | across the spider verse 

"I missed you too (spider man across the spider verse part one), " says Gwen rudely when she returns it in her book. Miles wonders what Gwen is doing here in her dimensions because she thought she would never see him again. "Do you want out of here?" Gwen doesn't ask him for an answer,.

although the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part 1) trailer may cut something in between to hide the spoilers. Miles says he's out of the house and Gwen comes out the window and says "Boomer".

 While Miles is in a hurry to catch up with him, Gwen asks Miles, "Is Spider-Man out?" Miles is a little skeptical, but when Gwen rolls her eyes at her Spider-Woman costume, Miles seems to agree.

spider-man across the spider-verse 2  Overview

Miles Morales returns for the next season of Spider-Verse, an epic adventure that takes Brooklyn's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man across the multiverse to join Gwen Stacy and a new team of Spider-People to confront a villain. Stronger than anything they have ever met.

spider-man across the spider-verse 2  cast and Crew

spider-man across the spider-verse 2
Image Source-Social Media

spider-man across the spider-verse 2
Image Source-Social Media

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Kentucky Tornadoes latest videos umcor death count caused

Lets take a look umcor kentucky tornadoes . tornadoes in Kentucky .where to get kentucky tornadoes map.Whats the current situation tornado in kentucky right now.latest kentucky tornadoes video.when was the last tornado in Kentucky kentucky tornadoes candle factory.

 Kentucky Tornadoes | how many tornadoes hit Kentucky

Most dangerous in American history so far; 100 deaths.

The storm has wreaked havoc in America. Winds blowing at a speed of 320 kilometers per hour have caused huge destruction in 6 states of America. 

At least 100 people have lost their lives due to this tornado. According to the information, most of the destruction has happened in Kentucky.

latest videos tornadoes in kentucky


Biden promised federal support in his complaint to the Kentucky governor

The Governor of Arkansas said it was remarkable that there were no more dead in his state

Many died in five states

A tornado can cover 250 miles across four states

 Kentucky Tornadoes | how many tornadoes hit kentucky

Andy Beshear said it was the worst devastating tornado event in state history, with at least 80 people killed. He said: “Nothing stands in the line of still one tornado standing.

Fourteen deaths have been reported in four more states.

President Joe Biden has declared a major federal disaster in Kentucky and ordered federal aid to the hardest-hit areas.

kentucky tornadoes candle factory

Rescuers are clearing the debris as they search for survivors where water and electricity supplies are provided to residents. More than 300 members of the National Guard went from house to house and removed garbage.

"As we move forward, we hope the miracle will find more people," the governor said during a visit to Mayfield's most difficult city.

However, no one has been found alive since Saturday morning.

Mr. Beshear said the tornado had devastated his entire 227-kilometer (365-kilometer) route.

Thousands of people have seen their homes destroyed, though their numbers are still unknown.

tornadoes in kentucky

Initially, the longest hurricane in the United States was a 219-mile [219 km] hurricane in Missouri in March 1925 that killed 695 people. Such events are mainly non-spring and summer months are very rare.

Mayor Kathy Stewart said That In Mayfield, the fire station and the city hall were flattened. "I don't think there's a pane of glass in any vehicle or property that the city owns that isn't shattered,"

how many tornadoes hit kentucky

Year 2021

No - 13 

Year 2020

No - 26

Year 2019

No - 30

When was the worst tornado in Kentucky?

MARCH 27, 1890

The deadliest tornado to ever rip through Kentucky city took place in 1890. Jefferson County was the main target in that , and it left 76 dead and $2.5 million in damages it was veru huge damage, according to the National Weather Service.

What city in Kentucky had tornadoes?

The city of Mayfield, Kentucky was hit particularly hard In Mayfield Kentucky City There were 110 people in the building when the storm nearly crashed.

How many people died in the candle factory in Kentucky?


What was the name of the candle factory that was destroyed in Kentucky?

Mayfield Consumer Products candle factory

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Demaryius Thomas Cause of Death Video wife net worth team college Reddit

 Lets a take look demaryius thomas madden 21 demaryius thomas age demaryius thomas wife demaryius thomas 2020 what happened to demaryius thomas demaryius thomas net worth demaryius thomas salary demaryius thomas 2021

demaryius thomas death cause reddit video

The cause of Thomas’ death wasn’t immediately known.
Police told TMZ Sports that Thomas was found dead at his home in Georgia on Thursday night. His agent did not immediately respond to an email request from Fox News.

"The initial information was that his death was a medical cause, and now our investigators have no reason to believe otherwise," said Tim Lupo, a public informant at the Roosevelt Police Department in Georgia.

Former Denver Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas, 33, found dead in his home

Demaryius Thomas, the 33-year-old former Pro Bowl wide receiver and Super Bowl champion with the Denver Broncos, has died.

DeMarcus Ware, who played with Thomas from 2014 to 2016, wrote on Twitter he was "heartbroken" and posted a photo of himself with the former NFL player.

What Social Meadia Users Reaction

We are devastated and completely heartbroken. Demaryius' humility, warmth, kindness and infectious smile will always be remembered by those who knew him and loved him.


Just spoke with Demaryius Thomas’ sister. They believe he died of a seizure. ⁦

What People are want know about Demaryius Thomas

How did Demaryius Thomas die and why?

Is Demaryius Thomas dead or alive?

Did Demaryius Thomas pass?

How did WR Thomas die?


Friday, December 10, 2021

The CEO fires 900 employees over the Zoom CEO Vishal Garg  (vishal garg net worth) announced at the Zoom webinar on Wednesday that the mortgage company would lay off about 9% of its employees. (ceo fired 900 employees zoom)  and briefed more than 900 employees about the call, which ended just before the holidays.

The CEO fires 900 employees over Zoom

Little did he know this was his last call while working for an online mortgage company.

The CEO fires 900 employees over Zoom

He Said that 

"If you're on this call, you are part of the unlucky group that is being laid off," Garg said on a one-way webinar last Wednesday, which lasted three minutes. Garg started immediately and did not wait for workers to trickle into the meeting. "Your employment here is terminated effective immediately."

He then said employees could expect an email from HR detailing benefits and severance.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Charli xcx wardrobe video no blur photo unfiltered

Charli xcx wardrobe video no blur discussion charli xcx wardrobe photo vanderpump rules Charli xcx wardrobe photo Charli XCX age Charli XCX Reddit Charli XCX Instagram Charli xcx wardrobe twitter Charli XCX producer charli xcx boob falls out viral videos on tiktok or instagram on 29 November charli xcx boob fell out charli burnett charli and addison rares video share on Twitter on 28 November

 Charli XCX shows more skin than expected in a wardrobe malfunction video she shared A video of most popular singer Charli is getting viral now charli attractive and beautiful girl

Charli xcx wardrobe video no blur

Charli xcx wardrobe video no blur

 has viral on social media Instagram or Twitter Charli also share in this video on Twitter account charli reached the stage November 28 to receive an award she raised her arm and when she bring her hand down her dress slipped off.

 someone making videos After this her video is getting viral on social media and many of the tiktok or twitter users are giving their personal opinions about her.

Charli xcx wardrobe video users reaction

House Insurance @4HouseInsurance · 18h Charli XCX Shares Video of Her Wardrobe Malfunction While Presenting Aria Award to Justin Bieber #BuildersRiskIns #AgtTravelers Ira's Shadow @IrasShadow · Nov 28 Replying to 

 @charli_xcx You're such a cutie Charli and despite that mishap you handled it like a trooper. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are having a wonderful weekend

Friday, October 29, 2021

Ankha zone original video | camel by camel Animal crossing | money make

What is Ankha zone or name camel by camel dance music video are you search ankha dance original video reddit Egyptian cat animal crossing full video Animal crossing ankha video twitter Animal crossing cat video twitter Egyptian cat animal crossing video reddit animal crossing egyptian cat video twitter ankha zone original video twitter ankha original video twitter ankha video zone twitter ankha dance video twitter ankha video tiktok ankha viral video camel by camel animal crossing animation

What is camel by camel video

Actual a video viral in the internet with different platforms Animated cat Ankha is viral on September. Twitter Instagram and reddit many Instagram users make a dance real and Ankha zone watching it millions of millions of times. also share video with profile use hag tag ankha ten video then they viral.

Trends on social media keep changing but there are only some that last for weeks or months. Ankha Zone is one of them. It has been multiple months seeing that Ankha Zone become in the TikTok trend however there are lots of those who still communicate about that fashion.

Since the Ankha Zone video was removed from YouTube and TikTok, many people have heard a lot about the trend but haven't seen the video. Do you know the trend of the Ankha Zone? If your answer is no and you want to know why it was so popular on social media, keep reading this post.

Where Ankha zone full video reddit ?

camel by camel animal crossing

It is a really adorable Cartoon character dancing IN EGYPTIAN STYLE It’s an animal life-related show based on animation video The video’s duration is 1 minute and 18 seconds soft music.

Do You Know What is Ankha Zone is?

The trend in the Ankha area revolves around a video of the character Animal Crossing Ankha dancing to music composed by an artist named Zone. This trend received millions of views and likes before being removed from TikTok and YouTube for violating their guidelines.

Ankha's video was removed from the platform, but it helped the artist gain a lot of followers on Twitter, Twitter, and YouTube subscribers.

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Similar to all other trends, when Ankha Zone turned more popular, people started making videos of them expressing their reaction to the Ankha Zone video. Now, you have got some idea why this trend was called Ankha Zone.

Tiktok video Ankha zone music dance

Why Ankha Zone Trend Became So Popular?

Before I go straight to the main trend, let me give you a brief description of Ankha. For the uninformed, Ankha is a character in a popular game called Animal Crossing. The players of the game describe this beautiful character as an arrogant car that lives among the island's residents.

According to reports, the name Ankha is derived from the Egyptian word "Ankh", which means life. He is a fun and warm cute cat who gets excited after meeting his villagers. This adorable kitten was born on September 22nd and her zodiac sign is Virgo.

The reason the Ankha video has become the talk of the town is that it contains explicit content. In this video, Ankha openly dances in the background to Egyptian music for the senses. Since the video was removed from YouTube, many users have posted their remixes on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Because Ankha is no longer on YouTube, people are finding it on alternative platforms. The platform that fans are looking for the most is Vimeo. Since Vimeo has a lot of videos posted by people around the world, you are likely to see Ankha Zone videos on Vimeo.

We will provide a link to the dark area video here if it does not contain clear content. If you want to watch it now, find "Ankha Zone Vimeo" so you can watch it on your phone and computer.

Who made the camel by camel animation?

The caricatured camel was created by a British artist, Nicholas Price in 1974.For a French advertising campaign whos subsequently ran in other countries in the 1970s.

What is the origin of the song Camel by camel?

What is the Ankha video soundtrack? The song played next to the X-Rated video is called Camel by Campbell. It was composed by Sandy Martin, a 61-year-old Croatian singer, and songwriter who was born in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, and moved to Milan, Italy in the 1970s.

 users said Ankha zone original video - 

Sep 13 I’m sorry ppl are actually traumatized by this Zone Tan Ankha shit???? Are we on the same internet?? Do y’all not remember one man one jar? The chair??? LIVE LEAK???????? 

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

War room pandemic live update news

war room pandemic live TODAY UPDATES - I'll be on War Room with Steve Bannon at 0715 tomorrow morning to discuss why AZ was the only state to refuse a January 8 Pentagon request that every state send National Guard troops to DC w/o legal authorization

War room pandemic live october 2021 

War room pandemic live

Monday, October 25, 2021

shopping mall shooting today video | Charleston church shooting

shopping mall shooting today charleston church shooting where was the mall shooting today the baby walmart shooting shooting in iowa today idaho shooting suspect east broadway mall mall shooting today A shooting at a shopping mall in Boise, Idaho, has injured five people and a police officer, authorities say. One person is in custody

Police in Boise, Idaho, said Monday two people were killed and six injured — including a police officer — in a shooting at a shopping mall.

shopping mall shooting today video

A suspect has been taken into custody.

At a news conference authorities said they were working their way through each business at the mall.

Police are asking people to avoid the area. Police also said they were notifying the families of those involved.

The Boise Towne Square shopping mall is located in Idaho’s largest city and is the city’s largest mall.

Police were interviewing dozens of people outside the entrance to Macy’s, one of five large department stores at the mall that has 153 stores in all.

Police are also investigating what appears to be another crime scene at a restaurant near the mall.

Cheri Gypin, of Boise, was in the mall with a friend where they walk for an hour three or four times a week. She said she heard several large bangs, but thought something had fallen from the ceiling. Then about 60 people, including families pushing strollers, came running at them, some of them shouting that there was an active shooter.

“My friend was trying to process it,” said Gypin, 60. “I just looked at her and said, ‘We’ve got to run.’ So we just ran and kept running until we got to the outer perimeter of the parking lot.”

They made their way back to their car, where police told the crowd of people who had fled the mall to leave the parking area.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Marine stops armed robbery full video

Marine stops armed robbery full video

Surveillance #video shows Marine veteran stop armed robbery A Marine veteran is gaining attention after surveillance video

 showed him disarm an armed robber at an Arizona gas station. CNN affiliate KNXV reports. JUST WATCHED 

Marine stops armed robbery full video

 A former Marine took matters into his own hands, stopping an attempted armed robbery at a convenience store in Arizona. Surveillance video shows three thieves enter the store in Yuma, one of them pointing a gun at the cashier. Former Marine James Kilcer did not hesitate to disarm the suspect, 

pulling the gun from his hands. Kilcer held him until officers arrived. “The Marine Corps taught me not to mess around,” said Kilcer. Sheriff’s deputies arrested one 14-year-old suspect on suspicion of armed robbery and aggravated assault. The other two ran away.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Woman assaulted on philadelphia train video

NEWS search related woman assaulted on philadelphia train video reddit woman assaulted on septa train video philadelphia train assault video 2021 philadelphia train assault video leak philadelphia train assault video reddit 2021 woman on philadelphia train video philadelphia train assault video twitter septa train assault video Passengers on a train near Philadelphia watched as a woman was r** on Wednesday night but did nothing to help or even call 911, police say. The woman was assaulted at around 11p.m. The video also shows how the other riders didn’t do anything while the assault was taking place.

Woman assaulted on philadelphia train video

More than 2 dozen train stops passed as the man harassed, groped and eventually r** the woman, the police chief for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority said at a news conference Monday.

Police do not believe a single witness on the train dialed 911. They are investigating whether some bystanders filmed the assault.

Both the man and woman got on the train at the same stop Wednesday night in North Philadelphia. Officers pulled the man off of the woman at the last stop. They responded within about three minutes of a 911 call from a transportation authority employee, authorities said.

“What we want is everyone to be angry and disgusted and to be resolute about making the system safer,” SEPTA Police Chief Thomas J. Nestel III said at the news conference.

Woman assaulted on philadelphia train video

'Residents react after woman ra**d on Philadelphia train in front of bystanders' 0:25 Residents react after woman raped on Philadelphia train in front of bystanders
Residents react after woman ra**d on Philadelphia train in front of bystanders
Arrest records show Fiston Ngoy, 35, was charged with rape and related offenses.

The affidavit of arrest for Ngoy detailed times of the assault, including that during those 40 minutes the woman appears to repeatedly push Ngoy away.

Nestel would not give an approximate number of witnesses and it was unclear from the affidavit how many passengers were present for those 40 minutes. Authorities have not released the surveillance video.

“I can tell you that people were holding their phone up in the direction of this woman being attacked,” he said.
woman assaulted on septa train video philadelphia train assault video leak philadelphia train assault video reddit 2021 philadelphia woman train video philadelphia train assault full video philadelphia train assault video twitter philadelphia train assault video youtube philadelphia train assault victim

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Newcastle vs tottenham suspended with players live stream

Newcastle vs tottenham live stream suspended with players taken off the pitch during first half due to 'medical emergency' in the crowd Newcastle vs. Tottenham was paused due to a medical emergency in the crowd. Reguilon was one of the players to alert the referee, while Dier ran to the side of the pitch and called for a defibrillator to be taken to the East Stand
Newcastle vs. Tottenham was suspended due to a medical emergency in the stands. The players, especially Sergio Reguilon and Eric Dier, made the match officials aware. The fan has been stabilised and is on their way to hospital.

Well done to Sergio Reguilon and the other players for making the referee aware of the situation straight away.

Our thoughts and prayers go to the Newcastle fan


Tottenham lead 3 - 1 at Newcastle.

We've also had encouraging news that the person who needed medical treatment has been stabilised and is now on their way to hospital for treatment

#NUFC #THFC #NEWTOT Both teams were ordered off the pitch by referee Andre Marriner just before half-time in the Premier League clash as medics attended to the supporter in concerning scenes at St. James' Park.

Newcastle vs tottenham suspended

Following the supporter's collapse, fans in the east stand started signalling to the players and the referee for medical attention.

Newcastle later confirmed that the fan has been stabilised and was on their way to hospital.

The medics at the stadium were given a round of applause as the game resumed.

After left-back Sergio Reguillon and captain Harry Kane informed Marriner of the commotion, fellow Spurs duo Eric Dier and Oliver Skipp ran across the pitch to ensure a doctor came across with a defibrillator.

After consulting with security, the referee ordered the players to head back to the dressing room, with seven minutes having been added at the end of the first half.

no bones day tiktok meaning | bones vs no bones day pug

just found a tiktok account dedicated to waking up a pug named noodle and if he flops over it’s a “no bones” day and if he stays upright it’s a “bones” day AND PEOPLE CHECK THE BONES FORECAST LIKE IT’S A HOROSCOPE I AM CRYING

no bones day tiktok meaning

 Although the "no-bones days" have only started going viral this month, Graziano explained that they've been a thing in his home since Noodles arrived. He told Insider that he would attempt to get Noodles ready for the day by propping him up, but he would sometimes choose to simply go straight back down.

"We learned very early on, that when he does not want to go on walkies, he will not go on walkies," joked Graziano in a TikTok video.

"No-bones day" has taken over TikTok and doesn't yet look to slow down. "I work as a vet tech and I write on our treatment board if it's a bones or no bones day," wrote one fan.

"Noodle pls, I have a law school midterm," commented one TikTok user, disappointed by the "no-bones day" outcome.

"We are all at the mercy of bones," summarized Graziano.

30-year-old in New York City who works in social media marketing, tells Bustle that he is “overwhelmed” with the attention he and Noodle have been getting. (When we talk, it’s a no bones day.) He adopted Noodle when the pug was seven and a half years old, and quickly figured out that the dog would very happily sleep in forever. “I'd pick him up and try to get him going, and he would just be limp in my arms,” Graziano says. “For years, my roommates and I would look at each other like, ‘Oh my god, he doesn’t have any bones.’ It was just this silly little joke about the way he would behave when he truly didn’t want to do something.”

That’s why a no bones day is roughly analogous to Mercury in Retrograde. You might have a “deep-seated existential dread about what's happening in the world and everything going on, but it's a no bones day, 

bones vs no bones day pug 2021

so that makes sense,” he says. On a no bones day, Graziano recommends “wear[ing] soft clothes all day. If you're going to wear jeans on a no bones day, that’s on you.” Other ways to cope with a no bones day include cancelling all activities that you don’t want to do that day,

 if you can. A bones day, by contrast, is an invitation to treat yourself. “Get a bacon, egg, and cheese,” Graziano says.

Of his sudden-ish platform — Noodle also happens to have over 44 thousand followers on Instagram — Graziano says that he loves seeing how positive people are, even on a no bones day, and that people have been asking for merch. But he takes a minute to share how passionately he feels about adoption, particularly of senior dogs.

 “When I got [Noodle], there were a lot of people who just wouldn't adopt this dog because he was old and I'm kinda like, I get the last laugh. There's so many dogs out there that have such incredible personalities just like this,” Graziano says. “I love this dog more than anything. I live on the fifth floor — I carry him up 66 stairs three times a day so he can go on a walk. And I'll do it forever if I have to.”

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Taiwan fire today NEWS VIDEO

A fire engulfed a 13-story building overnight on Thursday in southern Taiwan killing at least 14 people and injuring 51 more 53 killed and injured in Taiwan fire #ShamshadNews #Fire #Taiwan #Casualties At least nine people have been killed and 44 others injured in a fire at a 13-storey commercial building in the southern Taiwan port of Kaohsiung. According to fire department authorities in Kaohsiung, the 13-story structure started fire about 3 a.m. 

 According to officials, 55 individuals were brought to the hospital, including 14 persons who exhibited no signs of life. Only in a hospital may an official death certificate be issued in Taiwan.

At least 11 persons discovered on the scene were immediately taken to the morgue, according to the director of the fire department, who spoke to journalists at the scene of the fire.

Throughout the afternoon, firefighters were performing search and rescue operations.

According to the fire service, the blaze was "very intense" and damaged numerous stories of the structure.

Firefighters are uncertain of the cause of the fire, however they did notice that flames burned most strongly where there was a lot of trash piled up.

Eyewitnesses informed local news outlets that they heard an explosion around 3 a.m.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

China bans video games under 18 | why did china ban game

A big breaking news coming from China Government and law banned games in China's we discussion all most popular games in china 2021 china bans video games why china banning video games china limits video games china limiting video games china ban video games
China has new announcement children's under the age of 18 banning to play games issued sweeping regulations rules only youth will be allowed to play games Fridays and Saturdays - Sundays or public holidays timimg between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. because mobile video Gaming addiction has affected studies and normal life..

Gaming addiction test reddit

China bans video games under 18

  • Poor performance at sturdy, household responsibilities work, or  as a result of a preoccupation with gaming
  • Losing control over how much you are gaming
  • Game addict person neglect of other hobbies or friendships
  • continuing to game despite negative effects on school, family life, work, health, hygiene, relationships, finances or social relationships.
  • prioritising gaming to the extent that it takes precedence over other activities and interests

Most of parents really struggle to get their kids off the All time busy gaming. Many parents in the West who have completely lost control of their kids online activities might be willing to accept this kind of "authoritarianism" to save their kids & to try to reverse the culture of violence online

Most popular games in china 2021

1. Honor of Kings 王者荣耀 Tencent -
2. Anipop 开心消消乐 Happy Elements -
3. Peacekeeper Elite 和平精英 Tencent -
4. Happy Lord 欢乐斗地主 Tencent -
5. Happy Mahjong 欢乐麻将 Tencent -
6. Hui Wan 会玩 Weipai Network
7. Genshin Impact 原神 miHoYo
8. JJ Doudizhu JJ斗地主 JJWorld
9. CrossFire Mobile 穿越火线(枪战王者) Tencent
10. Call of Duty®: Mobil‪e 使命召唤手游 Tencent 1  

parents said” the National Press and Publication Administration a statement. Earlier this month, a newspaper affiliated with China's state-run newswire Xinhua blasted gaming companies for targeting young people, at one point describing online gaming as "spiritual opium

Users Reaction social media China bans video games under 18

That’s actually smart. One of many reasons why China is ahead of the US in so many metrics we don’t have self control like this. A lot of parents just let their kids do whatever bc they would rather be friends with them.
Bob Lyons

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Names of 13 us soldiers killed in afghanistan Joe Biden forget

13 soldiers killed in afghanistan names list are you searching 13 soldiers killed in afghanistan 13 fallen soldiers names,13 fallen soldiers 2021 names of 13 soldiers killed in afghanistan by taleban attacks airport here U.S Army 13 soldiers killed by Taliban according press releases from the department of defense. here are also announcement all of 13 soldiers name of US troops

13 soldiers killed in afghanistan names

13 soldiers killed in afghanistan image

  1. Staff Sgt. Ryan C. Knauss -
    8th PSYOP Group, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina 23, of Corryton, Tennessee. Knauss was assigned to 9th PSYOP Battalion,
  2. Navy Corpsman Maxton W. Soviak - 1st Marine Division, Camp Pendleton, California. 22, of Berlin Heights, Ohio, assigned to 1st Marine Regiment
  3. Lance Cpl. Kareem M. Nikoui - 20, of Norco, the National Defense Service Medal and Global War on Terrorism Service Medal. California
  4. Lance Cpl. Dylan R. Merola -California, a rifleman. 20, of Rancho Cucamonga,
  5. Lance Cpl. Rylee J. McCollum, - Wyoming, a rifleman. 20, of Jackson,
  6. Lance Cpl. Jared M. Schmitz - Missouri, a rifleman. 20, of St. Charles,
  7. Lance Cpl. David L. Espinoza - Texas, a rifleman. 20, of Rio Bravo,
  8. Cpl. Humberto A. Sanchez, Indiana, a rifleman. 22, of Logansport, 
  9. Cpl. Daegan W. Page - Nebraska, a rifleman.23, of Omaha, 
  10. Cpl. Hunter Lopez, California, a rifleman. 22, of Indio, 
  11. Staff Sgt. Darin T. Hoover, Utah. 31, of Salt Lake City
  12. Sgt. Nicole L. Gee, assigned to Combat Logistics Battalion 24, 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, II Marine Expeditionary Force, 23, of Sacramento, California, 
  13. Sgt. Johanny Rosario Pichardo, Naval Support Activity Bahrain.25, of Lawrence, Massachusetts, assigned to 5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade,
Great move by the @Padres yesterday honoring the 13 soldiers killed last week in Afghanistan. God bless and protect the US military while they keep us free, safe and the greatest country in the world Folded hands Political preference aside I will always be a proud American Flag of United StatesFlag of United StatesFlag of United StatesFlag of United StatesFlag of United States 

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Sep 7
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Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat sacrifice for what? The Afghanistan war should have ended 10 years ago when we killed Osama Bin Laden instead it was perpetuated by Trump and be very Obama. But luckily a Democrat corrected that mistake
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Dee Perdadee
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For the thirteen female athletes who suffered sex abuse there this year?