Friday, August 27, 2021

Hurricane prep list 2021 checklist pdf emergency kit

Today know hurricane checklist pdf emergency kit list hurricane supply list 2021 hurricane supply list 2020 printable hurricane preparedness checklist hurricane prep list florida hurricane checklist 2021 texas hurricane preparedness tips Parts of this list seem kind of dated. "Extra bulbs for flashlights / lanterns" doesn't really mean much now that everything is LED. No mention of a small 5W USB solar panel for recharging your phone or powerbanks. 

 Headlamps are also extremely handy if you are cooking during a power outage. Or doing any sort of work in the dark for that matter. r/flashlight can help you find a good one.

Me psyching myself up for what will be a hellish 12-14 hour day of Instacart hurricane prep because I’m gonna lose at least 3-5 days of work after the storm.

Hurricane prep list 2021

Hurricane prep list 2021

  1. Flashlight(s), Lantern(s) (1 per person)
  2. Automobile power inverter
  3. Rain gear (poncho/raincoat)
  4. Matches / lighter
  5. Pocket knife/multi-tool
  6. Plastic garbage bags
  7. 5-gal gas cans (2-4) for car/generator WITH funnel (if needed)
  8. Disposable camera
  9. Extra bulbs for flashlights / lanterns (IF APPLICABLE)

  10. Collapsible water containers (enough for 7 days at 1 gal/day per person)
  11. Portable radio and/or TV (I have Auvio 3.5" that uses AA batteries)
  12. Weather radio
  13. Blue tarp (15x20ft) and 100ft rope or cord
  14. Gloves
  15. Eye protection glasses
  16. At least 2 sets of extra batteries for all electronic devices
  17. Digital antenna for TV (if you have a generator)
  18. First aid kit
  19. Corded telephone with long cord
  20. Toolkit - hammer, screw drivers, pliers and assorted nails/screws
  21. Fire extinguisher (ABC type)
  22. Manual can opener
  23. Battery-operated fan
  24. Duct tape
  25. Battery-powered alarm clock (can use cell phone)
  26. Outdoor extension cords (2-3 50ft)
  27. Small window AC unit
  28. Generator and 4-8 quarts of extra oil
  29. Whistle
  30. Plastic sheeting
  31. Tree saw / axe / hatchet (Especially important if you are prone to flooding. Keep in attic.)
  32. 5-Watt USB Solar Charger (Huge for keeping phones charged)
  33. Headlamps.

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